Revolutionary Rhythms Sam Feinstein’s ‘Hamster Wheel’ Unleashes 80s Synth-Pop Fury

In the pulsating beats of “Hamster Wheel,” Sam Feinstein takes us on an 80s-inspired synth-pop journey that delves deep into the universal frustration of feeling trapped in a monotonous job, unable to attain the glamorous lifestyle often depicted in the media.


This upbeat anthem resonates with the struggles of individuals who find themselves caught in the relentless cycle of work, unable to afford the aspirational luxuries sold to them through various media channels. Feinstein’s clever synthesis of nostalgic synth-pop vibes encapsulates the essence of a generation grappling with societal expectations and economic challenges. While “Hamster Wheel” stands as a testament to Sam Feinstein’s individual artistry, it also foreshadows the return of his synth-pop band, The Monitors. Having taken a hiatus after the loss of founding member Sam Foreman, the band is gearing up for a comeback with Patrick Mannon joining their ranks. Expect an eclectic fusion of rock and electronic influences in both the single and their upcoming live performances.

Recorded as a DIY project in September and October, the track not only serves as a musical offering but also as a heartfelt tribute to The Monitors. Feinstein, both the bassist and vocalist, highlights the inspiration behind “Hamster Wheel,” stating that it speaks to those who feel ensnared in their jobs, unable to align with the glamorous lifestyles propagated by the media. In essence, the song becomes a resonant voice for the frustrations of many, especially the younger generation, navigating the challenges of modern expectations.

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