Resonance Rediscovered Jason Myles Goss’s Triumphant Return with ‘Misfit’

Jason Myles Goss resurfaces after an eight-year hiatus with a triumphant return manifested in his latest EP, “Misfit.” Renowned for setting wedding reception dance floors ablaze, the NYC-based artist unveils a sonic force demanding immediate attention. Released on December 1st, 2023, “Misfit” marks Goss’s highly anticipated comeback, following his 2015 album, “This Town Is Only Going To Break Your Heart.”


Originating from a mill town nestled between Worcester and Boston, Goss invites listeners to traverse his musical evolution. The EP symbolizes a renaissance, with Goss as a phoenix rising from the ashes of a hiatus punctuated by self-discovery. His musical journey began in the humble setting of a bar adjacent to an airport landing strip, laying the groundwork for the dynamic sound he brings to life in “Misfit.”

This EP encapsulates the transformative years in Goss’s life, including the birth of his first son in 2015 and the subsequent arrival of a daughter in 2018. The hiatus served as a catalyst for introspection, leading to a profound understanding of self and a reevaluation of priorities. “Misfit” stands as a testament to shedding unnecessary burdens, with Goss declaring, “Putting things away gave me a chance to find my love for writing songs again. It was an opportunity to start over, and to kill all my darlings.” Prepare for an immersive experience as “Misfit” reintroduces the world to Goss’s songwriting prowess, enriched by newfound wisdom and a rekindled passion for crafting compelling tunes. The EP is a beacon of musical brilliance, signaling a triumphant return for an artist who has rediscovered his love for the craft and is ready to captivate audiences once again.

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