“The Way It Was” Lauren Minear’s Empowering Anthem for Women’s Rights

Lauren Minear’s latest single, “The Way It Was,” emerges as a powerful anthem, showcasing her remarkable ability to infuse profound emotions into her songwriting. Co-written with and produced by Dan Weeks, the track draws inspiration from the significant repeal of Roe versus Wade by the United States Supreme Court, channeling Minear’s sentiments about the current political climate into a rising, empowering narrative for women.


The poignant lyrics, “We’ll never stop trying / While women are dying / We come from the earth, love / It’s how you were made,” reflect a deep sense of urgency and a call for action. Recorded at WWW Studios in London and The Cutting Room Studios in New York, NY, “The Way It Was” weaves a tapestry of clever, thought-provoking verses over bold and unexpected instrumentation. The result is a high-energy, cathartic listening experience that resonates with the listener on both an emotional and intellectual level.

As the lead single from her upcoming album, expected in Spring 2024, “The Way It Was” serves as a vibrant preview of Minear’s exploration of visibility and self-discovery. Lauren Minear, known for her critically acclaimed indie folk-pop, brings a unique blend of heartfelt lyrics, a soulful voice, and undeniable wit to her music, making her a compelling artist to watch in the evolving landscape of contemporary folk-pop.

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