Revelations in Harmony A Journey with Soul-Baring Melodies

“Revealing their souls through this album, the band’s dedication is palpable. Each track is a testament to their fusion of folk, blues, and raw emotion. ‘Prayer with a Bribe’ embodies the struggle of faith, while ‘April Frost’ is a beautifully written Folk-Choro tribute. ‘Subway Stop Blues’ hits close to home for any New Yorker, and ‘Sunday Ride’ takes us on a nostalgic journey. ‘Summer Child’ is a poignant reflection on the magic of childhood, ‘Sunrise’ a reminder of hope, and ‘Fire Escape’ a romanticized ode to the city’s vices. Each track is a vivid story waiting to be shared. As one band member aptly puts it, ‘I love y’all Lobsters! Yes, I call them my Lobsters!!!!!'”


The ensemble, comprising of Aayushi Karnik, Daniel Hass, Cole Davis, Jackson Earles, Jameel Martin, Julia Birnbaum, and Hesoo Cha, met in New York and embarked on a musical journey that culminated in this mesmerizing record. Recorded at @hifi.howie’s Studio Brooklyn under the guidance of Ryan, the album breathes honesty, baring the inner worlds we often keep hidden. With influences rooted in folk, fusion, and blues, the band’s sound is a unique tapestry of emotions.

Each song carries a distinct narrative, from the introspective yearning of ‘Prayer with a Bribe’ to the vibrant reminiscence of ‘April Frost’. ‘Subway Stop Blues’ captures the frustrations of city life, while ‘Sunday Ride’ and ‘Summer Child’ transport us to the innocence of youth. ‘Sunrise’ stands as a powerful reminder of resilience, while ‘Fire Escape’ paints a vivid picture of cityscape beauty. The album, a labor of love, invites listeners to embrace their own secret worlds and find solace in shared stories. For an immersive experience, the band recommends a bike ride on the Manhattan Bridge, accompanied by the record’s evocative tunes. This album is a gem, an offering of truth and vulnerability that resonates long after the final note fades.

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