Mystical Grooves and Sultry Vocals, Kärma Sounds Unravels ‘Mysterious’ Musical Tale

Kärma Sounds, led by the charismatic singer-songwriter Karina Morin, unveils their latest single, “Mysterious,” a mesmerizing blend of soul, funk, and disco. The track weaves a tale of chance encounters and cosmic connections, drawing listeners into a world of pulsating rhythms and soulful vocals.


With velvety synths, funky basslines, and a groove that’s hard to resist, “Mysterious” evokes the spirit of legendary acts like Daft Punk and Sade. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of two souls locking eyes, igniting a spark that transcends time and space. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey of enchantment and allure guided by the music.

For Kärma Sounds, “Mysterious” encapsulates the magic that unfolds when two beings connect in a realm where time holds no sway. The track stands as a testament to their musical finesse, seamlessly fusing elements of soul, funk, disco, and dance. Karina Morin, the driving force behind Kärma Sounds, is a seasoned artist celebrated for her role as the frontwoman of Coco Jafro. “Mysterious” marks a significant evolution in her artistry, showcasing an adeptness at genre-blending that speaks to a diverse audience. With its alluring soundscape and evocative storytelling, “Mysterious” is a testament to the boundless creativity of Kärma Sounds.

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