Petra Jasmiina’s ‘Summer Dress’ A Melodic Ode to Fleeting Romance

Petra Jasmiina’s latest release, “Summer Dress,” is a poignant ode to the transient nature of love and the bittersweet beauty found in fleeting moments. As a Finnish singer-songwriter and producer, Jasmiina has a knack for weaving intricate narratives and evocative imagery into her music, and this track is no exception.


Set against the backdrop of a balmy New York summer, “Summer Dress” paints a vivid picture of a whirlwind romance, juxtaposing elements of softness and darkness, romance and brutality, and the heavenly with the hellish. It’s a visceral experience that transports listeners to the streets of Manhattanhenge, capturing the essence of a city that’s both intoxicating and enigmatic. The song’s production mirrors this dichotomy, with its gentle acoustic guitar arpeggio, masterfully played by New York-based Finnish jazz guitarist Olli Hirvonen, and layered vocals that create a rich sonic landscape. Petra Jasmiina’s ability to infuse her music with depth and complexity is evident, and it’s no surprise that she takes pride in this creation.

Recorded and produced at her own studio and at Little Pioneer Cider House Studios in Hell’s Kitchen, the craftsmanship behind “Summer Dress” shines through. Petra Jasmiina’s dedication to her artistry is palpable, and it’s reflected in every note and lyric of this beautifully composed track. As the artist herself aptly puts it, “This song came to me as softly and easily as a summer breeze, and I fell in love with it instantly.” “Summer Dress” is a captivating glimpse into a world of fleeting romance and the profound beauty found in ephemeral moments. It’s a testament to Jasmiina’s talent as a songwriter and storyteller, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what Chapter IV will bring in her upcoming album.

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