Resonant Reverie, Voyager’s Sunlit Prelude

Voyager’s latest release, a precursor to their upcoming album, is an organic outpouring of creativity. From the inception of the track to an unexpected laptop theft, it all falls into place, evoking a sense of destiny. The song carries a comforting wave of nostalgia, a sensation akin to rediscovering a familiar place with fresh eyes. Its spirited melodies and infectious drum beats make it an instant favorite in my collection. Crafting music solo with Ableton Live 11 and digital finds, Voyager’s sole member has honed a distinctive sound over three years, starting with Propellerhead Reason 10. Influenced by luminaries like Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, and Radiohead, Voyager’s sonic landscape is rich and diverse.


Despite a lack of live performances, Voyager’s journey has been punctuated by a remarkable incident – the loss of their laptop containing invaluable work. Undeterred, the artist salvaged this gem, a testament to their resilience. The single, a sun-soaked creation on a Sunday morning, radiates warmth and emotion, embodying the essence of living in the present. “Whether” set a benchmark for Voyager’s music, a trajectory that continues to ascend.

This single, though a standalone piece, serves as a prologue to the forthcoming album, signifying a reflective turn in their sonic expedition. The recording process, bathed in morning light, was remarkably swift yet profoundly evocative, underscoring the fleeting nature of precious moments. Voyager leaves us with a poignant reminder: “Enjoy the moment, it is the only one of itself.”


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