John Taglieri’s ‘Talk To Me’, A Resonant Ode to Enduring Love

John Taglieri stands as a beacon in the indie music scene, boasting an impressive 24-year career, a discography of 14 CDs and EPs, and three singles that have left an indelible mark. His ability to weather the shifting tides of musical trends is a testament to his enduring relevance. Notably, Taglieri has clinched two spots on the Billboard Charts with his EPs ‘Southern Paradise’ (#78) and ‘Days Like These’ (#28), along with securing a coveted #1 position on Amazon with ‘Make Me Believe.’ His accolades extend to a Josie Award for Best Country Pop song and consecutive chart-toppers on New Visions Radio Worldwide Top 10.


In his latest offering, ‘Talk To Me,’ slated for release on 8/18 under Leap Dog Music, Taglieri delivers a musical powerhouse. The narrative delves into a relationship struggling to persevere, enveloped in a composition that strikes a resounding chord. The chorus resonates with grandeur, the melody is irresistibly infectious, and the message universally relatable.

Taglieri’s craftsmanship in songwriting is underscored by his uncanny ability to forge connections with listeners. ‘Talk To Me’ is poised to be a compelling addition to his illustrious repertoire, promising a musical experience that captivates and endures.

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