Exploding Pig, Unearthing Eclectic Brilliance in ‘Bob Marley Had a Shooting Range

Exploding Pig, a rising force in the music scene, emerges with a dynamic fusion of talent that challenges the boundaries of contemporary music. Their track “Bob Marley Had a Shooting Range” showcases the band’s eclectic prowess: Led by the virtuosic Luis Bonilla on trombone, Fabio Schurischuster on guitar, Albrecht Klinger on bass guitar, and Bernhard Wimmer on drums, Exploding Pig hails from Austria. Their music is an exhilarating blend of genres, often described as a fusion of “Jazz Futura” and “Jazz meets 70’s porn music.”


Inspired by American pop culture and their mascot Ebɛr, the band creates a genre-defying sound that exudes positivity. Blending elements of jazz, hip-hop, psychedelic lounge, and lo-fi beats, Exploding Pig crafts a unique auditory experience. Notably, Luis Bonilla, a Multi-Grammy Award Artist, brings over 30 years of experience to the band. His performances, characterized by “contagious exuberance,” resonate with audiences worldwide. Since his move to Austria in 2018, Bonilla has become an integral part of the musical community, co-owning the International Music Venue, Tubes, and serving as a professor at the University of Graz.

Albi Klinger, on bass guitar, brings a wealth of musical influence from his upbringing in Linz, Austria. With a diverse range of musical exposure, from punk to jazz, Klinger’s transition to Graz propelled him into various musical settings. His versatility and curiosity continue to shape his musical journey. Bernhard Wimmer, known as a solid “Groove Machine,” infuses Exploding Pig’s sound with his unconventional drumming style. With a rich history of collaborations and performances across genres, Wimmer’s distinct approach adds depth to the band’s sound. Fabio Schurischuster, aptly nicknamed “The Austrian Army Knife,” reigns as a highly sought-after guitarist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His creative prowess spans a wide spectrum of musical genres, underpinned by a foundation in blues, rock, and jazz. Schurischuster’s studio “Die Mischerei” in Graz has been a hub of creative activity, collaborating with award-winning artists and composing for various industries.

Together, Exploding Pig is poised to carve a distinctive path in the music industry, offering a fresh and genre-defying experience for audiences worldwide. Their track “Bob Marley Had a Shooting Range” is a testament to their inventive musicality and promises an exciting future for this talented ensemble.

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