Resonant Echoes, The Deadly Beloved’s ‘HAUNTED’ Unearths Emotional Landscapes

The Deadly Beloved, an alt-rock powerhouse hailing from the DFW metroplex, delivers a sonic experience that’s nothing short of explosive. Comprising Xavier Bernazard (Vocals), Victor Granados (Bass & Violin), Lauren Samonte (Keys), Josh Garrison (Guitar), and Sinclaire Wade (Drums), the band’s emotive sound is marked by its transformative energy. Their latest single, “HAUNTED,” takes listeners on a haunting journey through the corridors of the past. Opening with a cinematic, melancholic intro adorned with violin, piano, and evocative vocals, the track seamlessly transitions into an eerie alt-rock composition. This musical tale explores the desire to keep the past buried, be it a lover, an event, or an obstacle.


Formed from Xavier Bernazard’s solo project, the band solidified in January 2023 with the addition of Lauren, Victor, and Sinclaire. Josh completed the lineup in August of the same year, adding a final touch to the ensemble’s powerful lineup. Influenced by the likes of Paramore, Evanescence, Willow, and PVRIS, The Deadly Beloved crafts tracks that resonate with depth and authenticity. Their distinctive sound has garnered acclaim, with Nishant Varma praising them for creating music that’s both meaningful and sonically powerful.

Recorded and produced at fifty50studios in Dallas, TX, and in various band members’ project studios, “HAUNTED” was brought to life under the skilled guidance of Nathan McCord. This single marks the band’s entry into a post-funeral era, a theme they plan to further explore in their upcoming EP. “HAUNTED” delves into the persistent nature of the past, a force that refuses to stay buried, no matter how many times one tries to put it to rest. As the band cheekily puts it, “We may be called Deadly but we are actually all pretty cute.” This charismatic touch adds an endearing layer to their powerful musical presence. The Deadly Beloved’s “HAUNTED” stands as a testament to their ability to weave raw emotion and intense energy into a truly captivating sonic experience.

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