Chorosia’s ‘Stray Dogs’ A Sonic Odyssey of Raw Power and Haunting Melodies

Chorosia, the Austrian powerhouse hailing from Vienna, has unfurled their latest sonic odyssey, “Stray Dogs,” and it’s a transformative experience. This EP marks their third release and stands as their most coherent and powerful offering yet. The reception has been nothing short of stellar, with glowing reviews already pouring in. As is characteristic of Chorosia’s music, it defies easy categorization within a single genre, weaving elements of sludge, doom, death, prog, and more into a captivating tapestry. It’s an experience best savored firsthand.


The EP, released via Grazil Records and Kvlt und Kaos Productions, comprises five tracks, each a universe unto itself. The journey begins with the eponymous track, an 11-minute behemoth that marries haunting melodies with visceral intensity. “The Shrike (Fire Assault)” follows, an unrelenting onslaught leaving no room for respite. “Tintinnabula,” an instrumental interlude, provides a moment of respite amidst the storm. It’s a brief yet captivating reprieve, inviting the listener to wander and explore their own depths. The pinnacle arrives with “Reflections,” a track defying easy classification. It deftly interweaves harsh growls with hauntingly beautiful clean vocals, showcasing the band’s multifaceted artistry and emotional range.

The EP’s culmination, “Hands, Switchblades, and Vile Vortices,” leaves no doubt as to why Chorosia’s music is described as organic and heavy. It forges a primal connection with every listener. Orion Landau, renowned for his collaborations with esteemed acts like Yob and Russian Circles, lends his artistic touch to the EP’s captivating visuals, adding another layer to this auditory journey. “Stray Dogs” is a testament to Chorosia’s prowess, a release that demands to be experienced. Don’t miss out on this Austrian sensation’s most potent offering yet.

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