Wistful Reflections Rehya Stevens’ ‘Early Winter’ Signals a New Chapter

Rehya Stevens, the celebrated maestro of festive melodies, takes a contemplative turn with her latest release, “Early Winter.” In a departure from her exuberant Christmas anthems, this poignant ballad is a soul-stirring reflection on the bittersweet nuances of life. Penned by Stevens and produced by Brian Steckler, the track weaves a tapestry of emotions that resonate deeply. “Early Winter” transcends the confines of a typical holiday song. It elegantly touches on the tender side of the season, acknowledging the melancholy that often accompanies festivities. Stevens beautifully articulates the universal experience of facing holidays with a mixture of joy and sorrow, a sentiment many can relate to.


Stevens shares, “Every day is more precious now. This song is about learning through mistakes, while it’s also about maturing enough to treasure the time you have with the people you love, and to treat them with dignity and radical acceptance, even when it’s challenging. Few things are worth blowing up a solid relationship over. Life is a great teacher.” With a repertoire that boasts a #2 Billboard holiday single and an HMMA Award for ‘Best in Holiday,’ Stevens has established herself as a luminary in the genre. Her music has graced the soundtracks of upcoming holiday films, cementing her status as a go-to for heartwarming yuletide tunes.

Embracing a nostalgic approach, the artist is set to release the “Santa’s Taking Over the Town DELUXE EDITION” on October 27th, available exclusively on CD. This special edition features 21 tracks, including the titular song, offering a comprehensive immersion into the lush world of Christmas music. For those who prefer the digital realm, “Santa’s Takin’ Over the Town” will be available on all streaming platforms in late November, ensuring that listeners can bask in the warmth of Stevens’ musical embrace throughout the holiday season and beyond. This release promises to be a cherished addition to festive playlists for years to come.

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