Nostalgic Keys Jordana Delgado’s ‘Somewhere in My Memory’ Captures the Magic of Christmas Past

Embark on a musical journey into the heart of the holiday season with Jordana Delgado’s enchanting piano cover of John Williams’s “Somewhere in My Memory.” Jordana, a virtuoso pianist and storyteller, demonstrates her exceptional talent in this emotive rendition, setting the stage for a nostalgic exploration of Christmas past. The cover, a prelude to her upcoming EP, promises a seasonal masterpiece that will undoubtedly be a treasured addition to the festive repertoire. In this musical tapestry, Jordana weaves a spellbinding narrative, inviting listeners to relive the magic and innocence of childhood Christmases. The familiar notes of “Somewhere in My Memory” evoke cherished memories of Christmas trees, twinkling lights, carols, and the warmth of loved ones. Jordana’s evocative storytelling through her piano keys transcends mere notes; it resurrects the childlike wonder of the holiday season, creating a profound connection with her audience.


This rendition is more than a musical cover—it’s a tribute infused with personal meaning. Jordana chose to arrange this iconic song in honor of her late aunt, whose favorite melody was “Somewhere in My Memory.” Originally shared on her YouTube channel in June 2021, this professional recording, released in November 2023, captures the intimacy of Jordana’s home studio, resonating with the authenticity of a personal performance. Unlike her previous album, “Rainy Times,” Jordana opted for the warmth of a small upright piano for this recording. Collaborating with Akashic Records for recording, mixing, and mastering, the result is a sound that envelops listeners, offering an intimate experience akin to being present in Jordana’s studio.

Jordana Delgado’s musical journey has been marked by successes, including the captivating “The Rainy Times Story” and the featured single “Autumn Leaves” on CBC radio. “Somewhere in My Memory” stands as a testament to her artistic evolution, leaving a trail of anticipation for her upcoming EP in spring 2024. As the piano keys dance through the memories of “Somewhere in My Memory,” Jordana Delgado’s excitement is palpable. She shares, “I’m over the moon about this release because it is not only my first Christmas single, but it also holds a special meaning: I know someone will be smiling from heaven.” This release not only captures the essence of the season but also signifies a heartfelt tribute, making it a musical gem for listeners to cherish.

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