Rebels of Sound: Polemica’s ‘…and now…’ Album Resonates with Audacity and Authenticity

Polemica’s recently released album, “…and now…,” boldly asserts itself in the music landscape, refusing to shy away from social commentary and personal revelations. With a fearless spirit, the band invites listeners to embark on a musical journey that challenges norms and celebrates authenticity. Having dropped on September 30, 2023, “…and now…” is a tapestry of intense lyrics woven into powerful melodies. It defies easy categorization, blending elements of rock’s enduring essence with bursts of experimental creativity. The album unfolds like a dynamic narrative, leaving audiences both introspective and invigorated.



This musical offering is a poignant reflection of hope and despair, using rhythmic beats and poignant sonic landscapes to cut through the cacophony of society. It beckons the audience to embrace independent thought and support the thriving realm of independent music. The album’s artwork, a collaboration between British artists Paul Brennan and Dionne Swift, mirrors the band’s audacious ethos. With 10 dynamic tracks, Polemica showcases a range of musical personas, from punk to funk to noise, crafting a distinctive sound they fittingly term “thinkrock.”

Polemica’s journey is one of passion and unwavering commitment. Formed in 2016, they swiftly produced their debut album, “Keep Your Laws Off My Mind,” earning acclaim across Italy and Europe. Subsequent releases, like “Breach” in 2018, solidified their presence in the music scene. The band members each bring a unique musical background to the ensemble. Hilary Binder, rooted in the ’80s punk scene, stands as a commanding vocalist. Giulio Marino, adept in various genres, anchors the music with his bass.

Vincenzo Vik Di Santo, a versatile multi-instrumentalist and drum instructor, drives the rhythm section. Zilvio, a sound research enthusiast, infuses his distinctive touch on guitar and synthesizers. “…and now…” is more than an album; it’s a declaration of artistic autonomy, a celebration of musical diversity, and a testament to unwavering authenticity. It’s an invitation to join Polemica on this audacious musical odyssey. Don’t miss out on this sonic revolution.

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