Finding Solace: TaughtMe’s ‘When I Calm Down’ Unveils a Spiritual Journey

TaughtMe, the brainchild of Utah-born Blake Aaron Henderson, now finds its roots in California, marking almost two decades of musical journey. With extensive U.S. and European tours under his belt, along with four full-length albums, Henderson is set to unveil his fifth opus, “Laugh on Me,” on October 6th. He describes his songs as emotional landmarks or intimate soliloquies amplified. In his own words, “I do hope you find something worthy in there. Thanks, thanks.”


The standout track, “When I Calm Down,” is a poignant exploration of spiritual suffocation. It commences with serene imagery of safety and calm, only to abruptly shift into turbulent waves of desperation. The journey through the song is an arduous struggle that ultimately culminates in a sense of cathartic release. Henderson’s reflective lyrics delve into the realm of unanswered prayers and unfulfilled longings. The inspiration for this song stems from his brother’s revelation about seeking strength and guidance from ancestors in times of need. In this instance, the spiritual connection appeared to be frayed, leaving behind a poignant silence.

Drawing from his Mormon upbringing, Henderson employs vivid imagery to convey a deeply personal and universal sentiment. He encapsulates the belief that families are eternal, and our ancestors, whether in the beyond or yet unborn, are our vigilant guardians from behind “the veil.” “When I Calm Down” is a powerful testament to the emotional complexities of seeking solace in spirituality. It’s a journey from tranquility to turmoil, ultimately finding release after an intense struggle. Henderson’s artistry shines through, weaving a narrative that resonates with anyone who has grappled with questions of faith and connection.

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