Find the Light, NowhereJam’s Transcontinental Rock Triumph

NowhereJam’s latest single, “Find the Light,” is a culmination of transcontinental talent, blending the powerful vocals of Melissa Jane Lightning from Los Angeles with the dynamic basslines of Alis and the searing guitar work of Max Passerini, both hailing from Milan, Italy. Despite never having met face-to-face, this trio has crafted a sound that transcends borders. Drawing from a wide spectrum of rock influences, NowhereJam’s music embodies the very essence of the genre. Their collective experience, both on stage and in the studio, shines through, delivering a polished yet raw energy that resonates with listeners.


What sets NowhereJam apart is their DIY ethos. From songwriting to production, they handle it all. Each release is accompanied by a meticulously crafted music video, a testament to their dedication and creativity. Despite the geographical distance, their synergy is palpable, resulting in visuals that perfectly complement their sound. “Find the Light” delves into the concept of inner strength, encapsulated in Melissa Jane’s evocative lyrics and melodies. Inspired by her mastery of Reiki, the song radiates a positive, empowering aura. Max’s musical compositions pay homage to rock and metal legends, while Alis translates their collective vision into captivating visuals for their videos.

With a track record of successful releases on platforms like Spotify and YouTube, NowhereJam is on the hunt for a producer to help them take the next step in their musical journey. Their dream? To organize concerts bridging the United States and Italy, uniting their fervent fan base in a live experience. As Melissa aptly puts it, “We are a band of prima donnas, luckily we never meet live and we haven’t had to tour together yet. Otherwise it would really be pure dynamite :)” This dynamite is poised to explode onto the global rock scene, leaving an indelible mark with their electrifying sound. Keep an ear out for NowhereJam – they’re a force to be reckoned with.

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