Marco D. Cellamare’s ‘Let the Funk Out’ An Experimental Journey in Sound

Marco D. Cellamare, also known as Ruffiano / Stuta P, is a seasoned rapper and beatmaker with a musical journey spanning back to 1997. Having been a part of an Italian hip-hop band for 25 years, Marco now steps into the spotlight with his solo album, “Let the Funk Out.” This project is a daring exploration of electronic, electro-funk, and hip-hop, fusing these genres in an experimental concoction. The album’s aim is to take the listener on a seamless musical journey from the first track to the tenth, without any urge to skip.


Recording, producing, mixing, and mastering the entire album at his home studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, Marco demonstrates his prowess as a self-sufficient artist. Armed with a NI Machine+ and a MicroKorg for the vocoder elements, he crafts a sonic landscape that’s both dynamic and captivating. Influenced by the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Todd Terje, and Chromeo, Marco’s sound is a testament to his eclectic musical palette. With a career steeped in live performances, Marco has shared stages with notable artists, opening for legends like Wu-Tang Clan, KRS-One, and Das Efx, among others.

“Let the Funk Out” stands as a testament to Marco’s musical evolution and willingness to push boundaries. It’s an album that invites listeners to embark on a genre-blending adventure, a testament to Marco’s dedication to his craft. With its unique blend of electronic, electro-funk, and hip-hop elements, this album is poised to captivate a wider audience and leave a lasting impression in the realm of experimental music.

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