Otis Shanty Strikes a Balance of Whirring Energy and Melancholy Depth in “Early Birds”

As the indie band Otis Shanty embarks on their fifth year, they present the “Early Birds” EP, a collection of songs that resonate with both hazy, dynamic energy and contemplative depth. Comprising vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Sadye Bobbette, guitarist Ryan DiLello, bassist Julian Snyder, and drummer Jono Quinn, the band penned these tracks in their sunlit Somerville, Massachusetts sunroom.


The record mirrors the interplay of morning luminance and fading twilight, closeness intertwined with the anticipation of parting, and the intricate dance between inspiration and despondency. Yet, within the melancholy of “Early Birds,” there’s an undercurrent of hope and warmth, capturing the essence of a band emerging from their college days, reveling in live performances, and simply having a blast.

Recorded at Big Nice Studio, a converted factory along the Blackstone River in Lincoln, Rhode Island, “Early Birds” serves as a follow-up to their debut album “Suite 33.” Drawing inspiration from musical lineages like Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett, Real Estate, and Yo La Tengo, Otis Shanty navigates a sonic landscape that’s both familiar and uncharted.

The EP is a testament to the band’s growth, displaying a richness of sound that’s both straightforward and intricately layered. Julian Snyder, the bassist, emphasizes the intentional creation of space within the songs, allowing various textures to converge and create a captivating sonic tapestry. Sadye Bobbette, the singer, speaks of a shift in approach, focusing on cohesive storytelling across the EP, drawing influences from bands like Electrelane.

Meanwhile, drummer Jono Quinn highlights the intention to preserve the essence of each song, aiming for a punchy yet thorough expression. Ryan DiLello, the guitarist, expresses a love for blues, infusing the compositions with a raw, genuine simplicity.

“Early Birds” is a testament to the band’s collective evolution and a promise of more remarkable music on the horizon.

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