DYAN’s “Dark Streets” Illuminates Urban Realities

Film composer Alexis Dyan Marsh, known for her work on TNT’s Animal Kingdom, ventures into the world of songwriting under the moniker DYAN. Her upcoming album, Midwest, set to release in the fall of 2023, chronicles Marsh’s transition from Los Angeles to Ohio, where she and her partner are nurturing their family.

Alexis Marsh – DYAN shoot

The lead single, “Dark Streets,” delves into the sacrifices made when a city’s development prioritizes one form of security over another. Originally featured in the indie film The Unknown Country, starring Lily Gladstone, the song made its debut at SXSW in early 2023, later gracing theaters across the U.S. that July. Marsh’s artistry shines through in the introductory saxophone and guitar interplay, followed by an expansive synth melody. DYAN’s trademark minimalist beats propel the track, while Marsh’s restrained vocals beckon us to join her on the bustling streets.

DYAN is a reflection of Alexis Dyan Marsh’s multifaceted musical journey. Alongside her scoring work for Animal Kingdom and feature films like The Unknown Country and NextGen, Marsh embarked on songwriting to complement cinematic narratives. Her debut album, Looking For Knives, emerged from songs that found their place in cuts and others that remained in the shadows. This endeavor illuminated a fresh avenue for Marsh to share her music, outside the confines of the screen, yet still focused on crafting compositions that evoke vivid imagery.

With “Dark Streets,” DYAN offers listeners a poignant exploration of urban realities, underpinned by Marsh’s musical prowess and storytelling finesse. As the anticipation builds for the full Midwest album, it’s clear that this project will leave an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

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