LokkisKott Unleashes Raw, Angst-Fueled Anthem with “Deep Inside”

Australian singer-songwriter LokkisKott unveils his latest single “Deep Inside,” a fiercely personal track that marries acoustic layers with dark, confessional vocals. The song, a testament to LokkisKott’s raw emotional prowess, is a gripping blend of Alternative and Gothic influences, reminiscent of the melodic work of icons like Chester Bennington and Corey Taylor, as well as bands like Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace.

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The moniker “LokkisKott” is a fusion of Lachie and Scott, LokkisKott’s first and middle names. The capitalized “K” carries a double meaning, signifying “Lachie’s Cot,” a nod to his childhood cot, now the sanctuary of his inner child.

Hailing from Goulburn, New South Wales, LokkisKott is the brainchild of the multi-talented musician Lachie Alford. His passion for cinema, theatre, storytelling, and life experiences forms the bedrock of his songwriting and creative process. Guided by a personal philosophy that cherishes seizing life’s fleeting moments, LokkisKott infuses this ethos into every note.

“Deep Inside” holds a special place in LokkisKott’s heart, a song that he’s nurtured since his early teens. It was a journey of growth, and its release is a celebration shared with the supporters, collaborators, and champions who helped bring it to fruition.

A self-taught artist, LokkisKott’s musical journey began with AC/DC, followed by a deep dive into the sonic realms of Slipknot and Linkin Park. Chester Bennington’s voice, a perfect fusion of angst and solace, left an indelible mark on LokkisKott, shaping his artistic trajectory.

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