NRY, Breaking Boundaries with their Explosive Debut ‘ON/OFF’

Dortmund’s dynamic rock/punk trio, NRY, is a force to be reckoned with in the live music scene, delivering songs that pack more than just punky angst. Their music spans a wide range of dynamics, offering listeners a rich experience that goes beyond just loud and brash. From hammering beats to soulful guitar cries, and a resonant bassline, their sound is a testament to their musical prowess.


NRY’s lyrics weave tales of bittersweet personal experiences and touch on socially relevant themes, showing a depth beyond typical punk rock. There’s a promise of even more to come from this talented trio.

Their full-length debut album, “ON/OFF,” set to release on October 20th under NCR Records / DIY or DIE Records, is flanked by the pre-released singles “Someday” and “Love Of A Vampire.” These tracks explore the delicate balance between hope and self-destruction, while also making a bold political statement about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The album is a powerful, in-your-face musical experience. NRY’s influences are as diverse as the backgrounds of its members. The Kriegel brothers, Jens (vocals, guitars) and Lars (keys, bass, backings), along with Chris Bröer (drums, synths), draw from a wide spectrum of genres and bands. While it’s hard to list them all, it’s safe to say that if your audience enjoys The Foo Fighters, they’re in for a treat with NRY.

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