King Crash Channeling Raw Energy through Psychedelic Rock and Jazz Fusion

Hailing from the vibrant streets of New York City, King Crash emerges as a powerful force in the realm of Psych Rock and Jazz Fusion. Known for their electrifying live performances and unparalleled musicality, this trio is quickly becoming a sensation.


Their latest single, “Together (Merry Maker),” showcases their distinctive sound—a fusion of excitable, concise rock. The vocals resonate with the promise of togetherness, set against a backdrop of lively guitar work and pulsating percussion. The electrified guitar exudes charisma, aligning perfectly with the emphatic “be together” refrain, injecting a punk-inspired vigor into the track. This single precedes their highly anticipated album, ‘June Snow.’ What truly sets King Crash apart is their unyielding commitment to their craft. During the lockdown, they took to the streets of NYC, performing in parks and on street corners, determined to share their music with anyone who would listen. This raw, unfiltered dedication harks back to the golden era of ’60s festivals, evoking the spirit of iconic live recordings from artists like Santana at Woodstock.

Lead singer and guitarist, Ryan Shivdasani, nurtured his musical roots in California, immersing himself in the sounds of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. When he made the move to New York, armed with a stack of songs, he met the other band members. United by a shared love for James Brown, Mahavisnu Orchestra, and a burning desire to create freeform music, they quickly formed a powerful musical bond. In a world saturated with music, King Crash doesn’t just play; they ignite a fiery blend of Psychedelic Rock and Jazz Fusion, delivering an experience that is as captivating as it is invigorating.

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