Matyascorvinus Takes a Journey ‘Across The Acheron’ A Triumph of Resilience and Musical Evolution

Matyascorvinus, a familiar face in the Musosoup community, has been steadily gaining traction with his previous singles. Tracks like “In Solitude,” “Tree Of Life,” and “Her Shadow In The Flame” garnered not only positive feedback but also secured spots in over a hundred playlists. Now, with the release of “Across The Acheron,” Matyascorvinus ventures into more expansive musical territory. Matyascorvinus’ compositions often stem from deep-seated emotions, reflecting life’s challenges, gothic imagery, and more. “Across The Acheron” is no different. Crafted in the aftermath of a debilitating burnout that momentarily halted Matyascorvinus’ life, the songwriting process was a labor of love. Months were dedicated to recording and mixing, culminating in a triumph over adversity, a testament to the human spirit’s resilience.


The EP draws inspiration from the historic Belgica expedition of 1897, a voyage marked by extraordinary courage tinged with a hint of madness. Matyascorvinus, captivated by the era of sail ships and early polar explorations, naturally weaved a musical tribute to this audacious journey. “Across The Acheron” also serves as an allegory for life’s inevitable end—a poignant reminder of our shared mortality. Yet, this message isn’t meant to instill despair. Instead, the EP is a celebration of recovery and a call to embrace life’s fleeting moments. It mirrors the Belgica expedition’s ultimate triumph, despite immense human suffering.

Matyascorvinus’ musical odyssey began with the ukulele, an instrument that ignited his creative spark. Transitioning to the guitar, he cultivated a unique fingerstyle technique, eschewing traditional strumming patterns. His compositions, guided by intuition rather than formal theory, seek to uncover the beauty, serenity, and simplicity inherent in his music. While Matyascorvinus draws from darker influences, his work ultimately invites listeners to appreciate the awe-inspiring grandeur of nature. With a prolific discography available on major streaming platforms, Matyascorvinus’ latest endeavor, “Across The Acheron,” marks another significant step in his musical journey.

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