North Lakes, Rock and Roll with a Reverb Punch

NORTH LAKES brings a raw, unfiltered energy to the rock and roll scene, serving up tracks that are the perfect accompaniment to gritty dive bar dance parties or exhilarating windows-down drives. Their music is a skillful fusion of old-school nostalgia and contemporary flair, blending power pop, proto-punk, and garage rock seamlessly. With a focus on timeless melodies and expert songwriting, North Lakes crafts an approachable sound that resonates deeply.


Their latest single, “Up Where You Are,” marks a high point in their discography, drawing inspiration from the anthemic sounds of legendary bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Stone Roses. The song dives into the painful experience of growing distant from someone once intimately close, navigating the sea of loneliness that follows. The accompanying music video beautifully complements this emotional journey, featuring a captivating character known as The Milkman, wandering through the iconic streets of Toronto on a quest for redemption. Directed by the talented Ryan Faist, also known as Boy Wonder, and expertly edited by North Lakes’ own guitarist Chris Robison, the video is a visual masterpiece.

“Up Where You Are” was expertly produced by Colin Buchanan at The Hill Sound Studio, showcasing the band’s dedication to sonic excellence. The mixing, handled by Steve Chahley (known for work with US Girls and Young Guv), and mastering by Dan Weston (renowned for collaborations with Daniel Romano and Haviah Mighty) further elevate the track. NORTH LAKES, comprised of Nathan Gill (vocals, guitar), Roger Carter (organ), Michael Carver (drums), Christopher Francis (bass), and Chris Robison (guitar), is a force to be reckoned with in the rock and roll scene, leaving audiences craving more of their electrifying sound.

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