Harmonious Notes: Exploring Future Problems’ ‘Honey’

“Honey” resonates as a poignant anthem for sobriety, touching on universal struggles with substance use. Infused with the spirit of 90s alternative rock, it weaves melancholic verses, intimate lyrics, a suspenseful bridge, and a finale brimming with emotion. Future Problems’ Ana Leon, on vocals and guitar, is joined by Victor Beber on piano and David Morales on drums. The trio’s synergy emerged from the California music scene, uniting their talents into a compelling force. Influences range from Cage the Elephant to Coldplay, evident in their evocative sound.


Future Problems’ journey has been peppered with noteworthy showcases, including an impressive appearance at the Bedroom Baby Records showcase in Pomona. Their music, garnering over 15 playlist placements, speaks to a growing audience, with an average of 250 monthly listeners on Spotify. Their creative spirit aligns with The Spotlight Sessions, a vibrant music collective in Los Angeles.

In a reflection on their first release, “Through the Garden,” one review aptly praised the seamless fusion of pop and dream pop. “Honey” finds its roots in 90s alternative rock, painting vivid pictures with its mellow verses, introspective lyrics, and a bridge that suspends the listener in introspection.

“Honey” delves into sobriety and the stark reality that accompanies it. It confronts the mundane routines of everyday life without the crutch of substances, ultimately affirming our intrinsic worthiness and completeness. As Ana Leon poignantly states, “Honey reminds us that even when we think there’s nothing going on, simply existing is something.”

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