The Avaricious Rhythms: Ruud Voesten’s ‘The Crypto Shuffle’

In “The Crypto Shuffle,” Ruud Voesten delves into the dark territory of the capital sin of greed, a theme acutely relevant in today’s world of cryptocurrency fervor. The song confronts the tension between extravagance and frugality, as sinners grapple with their spending habits. The band’s entry at 1:09 is marked by an absence of harmony, replaced by a seductive melody and a rhythm that’s both frantic and groovy. Fans of Avishai Cohen, Ben Wendel, and Brian Blade will find themselves right at home with this composition.



Amidst the upheaval of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, Voesten, the visionary behind the project, turned to Dante Alighieri’s Inferno for inspiration. This medieval masterpiece, a scathing critique of society, guided Voesten on a journey of self-reflection through the lens of the seven capital sins. Exploring themes of lust, anger, and betrayal, he wove together a tapestry of emotions that found their musical expression. “The Crypto Shuffle” is the third single from Ruud Voesten, offering a taste of the forthcoming album “Ambrosia,” slated for release on ZenneZ Records in September 2023. This ambitious project draws its inspiration from Dante’s Inferno, tracing the descent through hell and the encounters with sinners gripped by the seven capital sins.


Specifically, “The Crypto Shuffle” draws from the realm of Greed, where disputes over spending habits take center stage. Voesten’s composition serves as a personal reflection on the feverish world of cryptocurrencies and the avarice it can incite in individuals and communities alike. The music embodies the allure of wealth and the wreckage it often leaves in its wake. The lineup features Mo van der Does on alto saxophone, Wietse Voermans on tenor saxophone, Koen Schalkwijk on grand piano, Tijs Klaassen on double bass, and Ruud Voesten himself on drums and composition. The recording and mixing, expertly handled by Micha de Kanter, along with mastering by Wessel Oltheten, were executed at Fattoria Musica in Germany. The result is a composition that captures the essence of modern-day desires and dilemmas, set against the backdrop of Dante’s timeless narrative.


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