The Feels Illuminate the Dance Floor with “I’m Not That Guy”

Long Island’s dynamic duo, The Feels, emerges as a powerhouse, infusing souls with their infectious and groovy pop vibes. Drawing inspiration from musical luminaries such as The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak, and Michael Jackson, The Feels present their latest single, “I’m Not That Guy,” a sonic journey marked by catchy hooks, dazzling synthesizers, and sleek guitar riffs that define their world with a blend of sexy sophistication and edge.


The track is a vibrant celebration of The Feels’ signature style, inducing uncontrollable dancing in anyone lucky enough to catch an ear. “I’m Not That Guy” showcases the undeniable melodic grooves that have become synonymous with The Feels, capturing the essence of their funk-infused pop. Founded during the onset of the pandemic, The Feels, comprised of members Danny Ayala and Andy Ballereua, represent a perfect fusion of Danny’s powerhouse vocals, honed during his tenure with rock band The Lemon Twigs, and Andy’s grandiose production style. Both musicians boast a background in music education, having studied classical music and jazz, contributing to the duo’s unique synergy.

“I’m Not That Guy” is more than a single; it’s an anthem of The Feels’ ability to captivate audiences with their dynamic and genre-blurring sound. As the duo continues to uplift souls and generate electrifying buzz, their distinctive blend of funk, pop, and soul positions them as a rising force in the music scene. The Feels are not just making music; they’re creating an experience that transcends boundaries and invites everyone to the dance floor.

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