MC Hammersmith A Posh Rap Maestro Breaks the Mold

In the realm of comedy meets music, MC Hammersmith is a revelation. Hailing from the genteel confines of middle-class West London, this freestyle rap virtuoso unleashes his debut album, ‘Mother’s Fettuccine,’ a comedic masterpiece that defies convention. With over 100 million views on social media, MC Hammersmith’s rise to prominence is nothing short of meteoric. His inaugural UK tour, ‘Straight Outta Brompton,’ promises an uproarious journey through his refined yet wildly entertaining world. The Stand in Edinburgh serves as the launchpad on March 19th, culminating in a riotous finale at Brighton’s Old Market on April 28th. Born Will Naameh to an English mother and Syrian father, MC Hammersmith’s trajectory from a middle-class school in Hammersmith to the global stage is a testament to his unwavering talent. His comedic rap fusion, steeped in the authenticity of his experiences, resonates profoundly.


‘Mother’s Fettuccine’ is a tour de force, boasting ten tracks that traverse the spectrum of humor, wit, and impeccable rhyme schemes. Blending re-recorded viral comedy raps with fresh, original compositions, this album transcends the genre, revealing MC Hammersmith’s mastery of wordplay and musicality. What sets MC Hammersmith apart is his ability to seamlessly weave improvisation into his performances. Armed with a linguistic background and a knack for phonology, he crafts spontaneous verses with lightning speed, leaving audiences in awe. His unique approach to freestyle rap, unscripted and unapologetically original, is nothing short of genius.

Beyond the stage, MC Hammersmith’s OCD-driven obsession with rhyming has resulted in a personal rhyming dictionary of staggering proportions, a testament to his dedication to the craft. This eccentricity only adds to the enigma of a performer who effortlessly marries showmanship with raw talent. In the era of scripted entertainment, MC Hammersmith emerges as a breath of fresh air, effortlessly blending comedic genius with musical prowess. ‘Mother’s Fettuccine’ is a triumph, a testament to the enduring power of creativity and a harbinger of MC Hammersmith’s indelible mark on the world of comedy and rap.

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