Emize, Channeling Asian American Struggles Through Powerful Soundscapes

Brooklyn-based producer and artist, emize, emerges from a classical background, her teenage years marked by private orchestral compositions, shrouded in lyrical secrecy. Influenced by the likes of SOPHIE, FKA twigs, Arca, and Object Blue, emize embarks on an auditory journey, merging industrial vigor with delicate sonic textures. As the world grappled with the pandemic, emize’s relationship with music underwent a transformative shift. Witnessing the ebb and flow of anti-Asian hate crimes in the news, alongside the harrowing experiences of her own family members, her art evolved into a visceral response to Asian American rage and sorrow.


The forthcoming EP, “text me when u get home,” co-produced alongside Maryam Qudus and recorded at Tiny Telephone, serves as an anthem for those who’ve feared for their safety, a lament for those who never made it, and a reassurance for her concerned parents and former self. The track “alone at night,” penned in December 2022, stands as a poignant testament to this shift. Against a backdrop of escalating hate crimes, emize’s brother fell victim to racially charged assaults, while she herself had endured menacing pursuits in her twenties. However, it was her sister’s experience of victim-blaming that catalyzed a profound epiphany.

In this profound moment, emize recognized the need to amplify the voices of Asian Americans, dispelling the burden of self-blame. The EP, a culmination of her musical journey, extends an urgent call for change, demanding a safer world for all. With “text me when u get home,” emize transcends mere sound; she offers a narrative of resilience, a testament to the power of art in the face of adversity. Her music, once confined to a private sphere, now reverberates as an unapologetic force, demanding to be heard by a world ready for change.

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