DEGREES (DGRS) Resurrects Timeless Melodies from Tranås’ Heart

In the shadows of Tranås, Sweden, where fur coats and local gossip dominate, emerges the emotive powerhouse known as DEGREES (DGRS), a dynamic duo comprising Mikael Jakobsson and Rickard Folke. Having forged their friendship in 2001, their shared passion for music bound them together. It wasn’t long before these kindred spirits, ensnared in the peculiarities of a small town, united their hearts and minds in September 2008 to birth the band DEGREES.


Their fifth album, “Pt. V,” is a testament to the passage of time and the potency of forgotten melodies. Recorded in 2012, these tracks lay dormant for over a decade, awaiting their moment to resurface. In a remarkable turn of events, 2023 saw DEGREES resolve to unleash this final opus, partnering with the German indie label Aenaos Records. The music of DEGREES resonates with an emotional depth that transcends the confines of their tranquil hometown. Their melodies evoke a timeless quality, painting vivid landscapes of longing, introspection, and unspoken truths. Each note is a testament to the enduring power of artistry, reminding us that music, once created, lives on in the hearts of its listeners.

“Pt. V” is not just an album; it’s a chronicle of the human experience, an auditory journey through the intricacies of life and love. With a blend of haunting harmonies and soul-stirring lyrics, DEGREES invites us to traverse the terrain of our own emotions. This release stands as a tribute to the unwavering dedication of these artists and the indelible mark they’ve left on the musical landscape.

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