TuskHead’s ‘Breaking the Man’ A Musical Journey of Raw Emotion and Resilience

Patrick van Zandwijk, known by the moniker TuskHead, has firmly established himself as a rising star in the music realm. With two chart-topping hits in the Gelderse Top 20 of 2022 in The Netherlands and a coveted spot on Spotify’s ‘Route Americana’ playlist, his musical prowess is garnering well-deserved attention.


Enter ‘Breaking the Man’ – an anthemic masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of Americana and alt-country. The track is a vivid emotional journey, where guitars tell a poignant story, harmonizing with the evocative notes of accordion and pedal steel. The lyrics delve into the raw struggle against illness, unraveling its profound impact on one’s sense of self, relationships, and faith. What sets this single apart is that it was exclusively recorded with the distinguished Vintage Guitars brand, a partnership that TuskHead proudly embraced in 2023.

But that’s just the beginning. TuskHead has embarked on a musical odyssey across America, joining forces with platinum-record-winning songwriter Josh Morningstar in the heart of Nashville. The outcome? A series of awe-inspiring tracks, freshly recorded with the exceptional musicians from The Texas Gentleman at the renowned Modern Electric in Dallas. Brace yourselves for a release in December/January that promises to leave you hungry for more. To elevate the anticipation, TuskHead has a winter tour in the pipeline upon his return to The Netherlands in December. This tour not only celebrates the release of ‘Breaking the Man’ but also sets the stage for the forthcoming musical saga recorded in Dallas. The music world better be ready for TuskHead’s meteoric rise.

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