Lucky Charm, Darkmaterial’s Darkly Uplifting Rock Resonance

Darkmaterial, an emerging independent rock band hailing from Reading, UK, is making waves with their distinctive blend of powerful instrumentals, commanding vocals, and poignant lyrics. Their music carves out a new path in the realm of rock, fusing influences from heavy metal legends like Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden with alt rock vibes reminiscent of BMTH and Muse. The result is a unique, atmospheric sound that captivates listeners.

Formed from the remnants of the band Shortwave, darkmaterial comprises Ian Larsson on vocals and rhythm guitar, Joe Murrell on lead guitar, Oscar North-Concar on bass, and Sam Sutton on drums. Notable contributors Freddie Larkins and Joe Blake lend their expertise on drums and lead guitar, respectively, enriching the band’s sonic tapestry. Their latest release, “The Price of Love” EP, garnered acclaim for its boundary-pushing approach to rock. Rockcharts raved about the band’s ability to seamlessly blend heavy metal with post-rock atmospherics, creating an experience that lingers long after the last note fades. FVMusicBlog praised their musicianship, infectious melodies, and textured instrumentation.

The upcoming single, “Lucky Charm,” delves into the concept of a personified good luck charm, wrapped in a dark musical landscape yet uplifted by its lyrics. Recorded at Pyramid Studios in Reading, the band collaborated with producer Jack, whose expertise added depth to the final product. A quirky anecdote surrounds the recording process, as the initial guitars were tracked on low gain amps before being re-recorded through a Blackstar HT stage 60 mkII, ultimately transforming the song’s sonic landscape.

As the band gears up for a performance at the Acoustic Couch in Bracknell on September 22nd, their sights are set on expanding their fanbase and sharing their compelling sound with a wider audience. With recording sessions booked for November and new releases slated for the coming year, darkmaterial’s journey promises to be one worth following. In the words of guitarist Joe Murrell, “Lucky Charm is about cereal… change my mind!” This playful remark offers a glimpse into the band’s dynamic and lighthearted approach to their music, embodying the spirit of darkmaterial.

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