Tally Koren, Igniting Empowerment with “NOT SATISFIED”

Tally Koren, the London-based singer-songwriter hailing from Israel, has once again graced us with her electrifying single, “NOT SATISFIED.” Her musical journey, spanning continents, culminates in a mesmerizing fusion of electro-acoustic sounds that captivates listeners. With a Fringe Award for Best Singer-Songwriter in 2011 and features on BBC Radio 2, Koren’s accolades reflect her undeniable talent.


Remixed by the gifted Xander Milne, “NOT SATISFIED” takes Tally’s signature style to new heights. Following the success of her previous remix, “It’s Who You Are,” which soared to number 13 on the UK Commercial Pop Chart, Tally now shares the stage with music giants like Pink and Taylor Swift.

Xander Milne’s remix breathes new life into Koren’s track, infusing it with trance vibes and Tally’s distinctive vocals. Milne’s prowess in electronic music has garnered praise from industry heavyweights and music critics alike. His work is nothing short of a testament to his rising star. At the core of “NOT SATISFIED” lies a powerful message of self-discovery and empowerment. In a world consumed by materialism and societal validation, Tally’s anthem encourages us to pause, reflect, and embrace our true selves. Co-written with Phil Scale, the lyrics resonate with anyone seeking a deeper connection to their authenticity.

The accompanying music video, directed and edited by Tally Koren and rising producer Will Visions, complements the song’s liberating essence. Tally’s creative vision shines through, guiding viewers on a visual journey that mirrors the track’s theme of self-liberation. Tally Koren’s dedication to crafting not just songs, but profound experiences, is evident in “NOT SATISFIED.” As she fearlessly explores new musical territories, there’s no doubt that Tally Koren will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Embrace the empowerment and let “NOT SATISFIED” be your anthem.

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