“Sea People” An Ocean of Ethereal Sounds and Cyber-Spiritual Exploration

Dylan Tauber, an electronic music pioneer, has spent over 26 years weaving together a tapestry of transcendental electronica. Hailing from varied corners of the globe, including NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, and now a kibbutz in northern Israel, Tauber’s artistic journey is as diverse as his sonic creations.

“Sea People,” his 17th album, is a testament to his mastery. The album’s genesis lies in a remote Pacific island, where a turquoise lagoon left an indelible mark on Tauber’s creative spirit. The album is a fusion of vocal trance, world music, and chill out, bearing the influence of ’90s electronica that once reverberated through the clubs of NYC and Tel Aviv. One of the remarkable aspects of “Sea People” is its profound thematic direction. Tauber delves into the interplay between technology and spirituality, emphasizing our connection not just to ourselves, but to the world around us. The album evokes feelings of love, particularly for nature and the boundless expanse of the ocean.

Tauber’s artistic journey is encapsulated by his Double Mirrors project, a multimedia endeavor that includes a book, photo slide shows, a soundtrack, and one of the oldest artist websites still active since 1996. Alongside his music, Tauber’s cyberart and photography explore the intricate relationship between nature, technology, and spirituality. In a world of fleeting moments, “Sea People” stands as a testament to enduring love, reminding us that amidst the chaos, it is the intangible force of love that truly persists. As Tauber succinctly puts it, “Love is the only thing that exists. Everything else is an illusion.”

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