LOVESICK’s Debut Album, A Sonic Journey through Love’s Spectrum

LOVESICK, the brainchild of Goolkasian (The Elevator Drops, The Texas Governor) and Nick Phaneuf & The Calabash Band, reimagines Future Islands’ classic “Beach Foam” with heartfelt authenticity. Having shared the stage with Future Islands in their early days, this collaboration is a nod to their shared musical journey. “LOVESICK brings a sound that is completely their own, yet reminiscent of Bowie, Beck, and girl groups of the ’50s,” raves ILLUSTRATE MAG. Their debut album, “…hoping this is the end…,” is a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity, exploring the highs and lows of love.

The track “BLUE SKIES ON MARS” embodies a quixotic sci-fi sing-along, offering a hopeful surge of passionate feelings in the midst of worldly challenges. It’s a sonic voyage that marries futuristic hope with present-day turmoil. “HOLIDAY” features the legendary Tony Garnier on upright bass, known for his work with Bob Dylan. Produced by Ross Cisneros, whose extensive catalog includes contributions to artists like Serge Gainsbourg and Lana Del Rey, this track is a testament to LOVESICK’s ability to collaborate with musical luminaries.

LOVESICK’s debut is an overdose of inventive love songs, offering a unique twist on rock music. Their electro-cabaret style balances light and dark elements, capturing the essence of free-spirited creativity even amidst pandemic-induced isolation. As Lisa Crystal Carver aptly puts it, “LOVESICK is what pop promised to be, in the ’80s or ’90s, whenever we were young—rollicking, romantic, eerie.” Their debut album stands as a testament to the enduring power of music to externalize our identities and emotions, inviting listeners on a journey through sonic landscapes of love, hope, and introspection.

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