Sage Suede’s “Dirty Blonde”, A Multifaceted Electro Odyssey

Sage Suede’s latest album, “Dirty Blonde,” is a dazzling amalgamation of electro-infused beats, rich synths, and enchanting vocals by a diverse range of female artists. This indie urban maestro’s musical journey is one of unapologetic creativity, with the album acting as a vessel to explore themes of fashion, romance, and gender. The standout track, “The Best Revenge,” featuring Girlxhighlight, showcases Sage’s knack for creating layers of intricate soundscapes. It’s an anthem that transcends mere revenge, offering an electrifying experience that defies conventional genre boundaries.


“High,” the album’s opening track, is gaining traction in Copenhagen, blending melodious vibes with enigmatic undertones, inviting listeners to a journey of sonic exploration. The track exudes an air of 420-inspired euphoria, capturing the essence of Sage’s Texan roots. “Palm Trees and Scotch” featuring Dazmin D’leon introduces an exotic allure, weaving a narrative that takes us from the beach to the neon-lit dance floors. Evita’s dance in the music video exudes an infectious energy, elevating the track to new heights.

“Work From Hoe” and “Spunky” delve into the intricate complexities of Sage’s musical prowess. “WFH” immerses us in a world of homebound intensity, while “Spunky” takes us to the vibrant ambiance of the club, addressing the age-old plea for party etiquette. “Turn it Up” surprises with a Paso Doble interlude, injecting an unexpected yet invigorating twist. This element of surprise showcases Sage Suede’s ability to seamlessly blend genres and create an immersive listening experience. Jyme’s remix of “Corn Chip Thot” adds a glamorous deep house vibe, channeling Madonna’s French electro aesthetics. The track, coupled with its B-side “Stilettos,” evokes a sense of historical resonance, drawing on the suffragette movement and the contemporary legislative shifts in Texas.

“Dirty Blonde” is an album that defies convention, taking listeners on an electro-fueled odyssey through a myriad of emotions and experiences. Sage Suede’s ability to craft intricate soundscapes is a testament to his artistic vision and undeniable talent. This album not only solidifies Sage Suede’s position in the Austin electro scene but also stands as a testament to his innovative approach to music-making.

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