“What Love Is”, A Sassy, Empowering Pop Anthem from Morgan Paros

Morgan Paros, known for her role as a touring multi-instrumentalist with pop artist Ashe, unveils a bold new solo venture with “What Love Is.” This silky-meets-sassy pop bop offers a lyrical twist that keeps listeners on their toes. The track’s production is in the capable hands of the multi-Grammy award-winning team behind Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House” – Jeremy Hatcher, Matt Wolach, and Randy Merrill. Accompanied by EP artwork from Coldplay’s photographer Anna Lee, “What Love Is” promises a fresh perspective on modern love.


Morgan Paros, a seasoned musician, has carved out her space in the music world, touring with prominent artists and contributing strings to chart-toppers like Shawn Mendes and Madison Beer. Teaming up with 3x Grammy award-winning producer Jeremy Hatcher, Paros channels her personal experiences and love for live performance into her debut single “Last Straw,” setting the stage for an exciting solo career.

“What Love Is” challenges societal notions of romantic relationships, urging listeners to prioritize self-love and empowerment. It’s an anthem that resonates with anyone navigating the complexities of love in the face of societal expectations. Paros’ candid lyrics are reminiscent of Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo, infusing the track with authenticity and relatability. The song’s genesis is a testament to creativity on the fly, with Paros capturing the initial spark of inspiration on a Nashville elevator during a whirlwind tour. This impromptu moment led to the creation of a song that ultimately challenges romantic ideals. “‘What Love Is’ takes my rose-colored glasses off for good and is the most fun I’ve ever had confessing the hopeful romantic in me,” shares Morgan Paros, encapsulating the essence of this empowering pop anthem. With a blend of vulnerability and sass, “What Love Is” invites listeners to embrace their own unique journey through love.

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