Live In Color emerges with a vibrant new offering “Yes To Me.”

This band is a force in the creation of original music, seamlessly blending the infectious hooks of pop with the pulsating vigor of rock. Their latest release, “Yes To Me,” stands as a testament to the band’s ability to infuse their music with an uplifting spirit.


The track is a nod to the 80s era, characterized by rich and entrancing synth textures that serve as the backdrop for irresistible melodies. The vocals carry a punchy dynamism, delivering engaging tunes that harmonize effortlessly with the gleaming guitars and lush soundscapes. The rhythmic foundation, comprised of the drum and bass lines, complements the composition’s energy, with particular mention of the resounding bass tones that inject a contagious groove.

For aficionados of Fall Out Boy, Walk The Moon, Dead Rituals, or Coldplay, “Yes To Me” is an essential addition to your playlist.Live In Color invites you to delve into their musical world. Don’t let “Yes To Me” slip through the cracks—it’s a must-listen.

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