Emotionally Charged Musical Journey: “Something = Nothing” Review

The lyrical content of the song delves into the profound struggles of a young girl who grapples with thoughts of suicide and an overwhelming desire for an escape from her troubled reality. Lead singer Anthony Shea’s delicate vocal delivery, characterized by a haunting vocal fry, imbues the lyrics with a raw and poignant emotion that is both stirring and relatable.


The opening lines, “She’s standing in the doorway, Looking out for more, Excuses why she’s so late, She says her Daddy’s never home,” paint a vivid picture of the young girl’s isolation and her longing for something more in her lifeThe recurring phrase, “Something always leads to nothing, nothing always leads to something,” serves as a powerful refrain that not only explores the complexities of the human experience but also offers a glimpse into the mindset of someone battling depression and searching for meaning in a world that often feels devoid of hope.

“Something = Nothing” is a musical work that transcends boundaries, delivering a thought-provoking narrative within a captivating sonic landscape. It’s a testament to the power of music to convey profound emotions and stories that resonate deeply with its audience. This composition is bound to leave a lasting impression and spark introspective conversations when it hits the global stage on September 15th, 2023.

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