Blindness & Light’s Latest Track, A Fiery Ode to Love and Liberation

In their latest track, the up-and-coming band Blindness & Light condense their captivating essence into a poignant 3-minute masterpiece. This song weaves a beautiful tale of love and liberation, delivered with a burning passion and heartfelt sensitivity. Colin M. Potter is the sole performer in this informal collective, showcasing his multi-talented prowess as he takes on all parts in the track. The collective operates with a free-spirited ethos, allowing members to come and go, united by their mutual sense of camaraderie and shared musical vision.


The band draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of 80s and 90s post-punk, particularly from the vibrant scenes of the North West of England and Scotland. Their music has resonated far and wide, garnering nearly 2000 radio plays worldwide and gaining traction with each passing month.Blindness & Light’s debut album is now available on limited edition vinyl through BandCamp, as well as on CD. The album can also be found in select shops spanning from North Wales to Liverpool and Manchester.

Their single is a poignant narrative of a secret admirer, witnessing the emancipation of a once-repressed soul. The love depicted is pure and selfless, finding joy in the newfound freedom of their beloved. In the words of HBN, Jessica Marinho, “Blindness & Light features drastic, sprawling and darkly hallucinatory instrumentals, showcasing the brilliant mind of Colin M. Potter. This release is a testament to their unwavering dedication to crafting music that transcends boundaries and speaks to the human experience.

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