Lee Switzer-Woolf’s “Ototoxin” A Resonant Ode to Pain and Resilience

Folktronica artist Lee Switzer-Woolf unveils a poignant one-off single, “Ototoxin,” commemorating the six-month milestone since the release of his second full-length album, “Annihilation Signals.” This track serves as a unique celebration and a testament to Switzer-Woolf’s ability to channel personal struggles into emotive musical expressions. “Ototoxin” emerges as a compelling ‘love letter to pain medication,’ a raw and honest exploration of Switzer-Woolf’s experience with back problems. Recorded during the same sessions as his album, the song became a favorite but was initially set aside due to thematic and sonic disparities. This release showcases the artist’s commitment to authenticity, choosing resonance over conformity.


True to his signature style, Switzer-Woolf, a Reading-based artist, took on the roles of performer and recording engineer, capturing the essence of “Ototoxin” entirely on his own. Long-time collaborator Aden Pearce handled the crucial stages of mixing and mastering, ensuring a seamless and immersive sonic experience. The single promises a digital release on November 7th across major streaming platforms, accompanied by a lyric video and a merchandise drop. As Switzer-Woolf continues to carve his path in the realm of folktronica, “Ototoxin” stands as a testament to his artistic evolution and unyielding commitment to authenticity.

For more updates on Lee Switzer-Woolf’s releases and upcoming gigs, interested listeners can visit leeswitzerwoolfmusic.com and subscribe to his newsletter. As “Ototoxin” prepares to echo through the digital airwaves, it reaffirms Switzer-Woolf’s presence as an artist whose music resonates deeply with the complexities of the human experience.

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