Jason Shand Delves into Complexity with “Selfish Bitch”

In the bustling heartbeat of New York City, singer/songwriter Jason Shand unveils his latest single, “Selfish Bitch.” Rooted in the artist’s exploration of human complexity, the song transcends a surface-level judgment, inviting listeners to contemplate the layers beneath seemingly selfish individuals. Shand, a solo artist based in NYC, concocts a musical blend that intertwines electronic and rock beats, creating a compelling backdrop for the song’s introspective narrative. “Selfish Bitch” serves as a testament to Shand’s knack for nuanced storytelling. The track delves into the struggle of an individual trying to navigate a world that feels alien, and, as a defense mechanism, might come across as selfish or aloof. Shand skillfully crafts a sonic landscape that mirrors the emotional depth of the lyrics, featuring an electronic dance beat harmoniously coexisting with a rock rhythm, all tied together by an intimately conversational vocal style.


Shand’s influences, ranging from Elbow and U2 to Fiona Apple and NLX, manifest in the intricate chord progressions and genre-bending elements present in “Selfish Bitch.” This single is not just a standalone creation but part of a larger narrative woven by Shand, whose recent successes include chart-topping singles like ‘The Petty Narcissist’ and ‘X Factor.’ Notably, his song ‘Say You Love Me (Please Stay)’ is set to be the theme for the upcoming skincare line FABINNO. The organic creation of “Selfish Bitch” is highlighted by the spontaneous, one-take approach to recording, where every sound, from vocals to guitars, bass to electronic beats, became a unique experiment that contributed to the final composition. Shand and his keyboardist, John Roggie, produced the track, showcasing a musical synergy that resonates throughout the song.

As the universal symbol of forgiveness graces the artwork, “Selfish Bitch” challenges listeners to look beyond initial impressions and seek understanding. It’s a musical journey that mirrors the complexities of human emotions, offering a sonic experience that is both thought-provoking and dance-worthy. Jason Shand has not only crafted a compelling single but has cemented his status as a dynamic force in the NYC music scene, continually pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions.

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