Dani Hagan Unveils Emotional Sonic Odyssey with “Kissing You” EP

Dani Hagan, the prolific singer-songwriter, gifts us with the much-anticipated EP “Kissing You,” a harmonious blend of emotionally charged rock and alternative tracks that showcase her profound artistry. Having collaborated with esteemed producers such as Ron Dante, John Ferriter, and Mikal Blue, who produced the entire EP, Hagan’s latest release is a testament to her musical prowess. The standout track, “Anywhere But Home,” serves as a raw and electrifying anthem, capturing the very essence of rock and alternative genres. Born during the pandemic, it resonates with universal themes of longing and the desire to break free from the mundane confines of everyday life. Hagan’s ability to infuse personal experiences into her lyrics, wrapped in the electrifying sounds of rock and roll, sets this track apart.


“Kissing You” takes listeners on a profound sonic journey, unraveling the intricate tapestry of matters of the heart. Dani Hagan’s lyrics, drawn from her own experiences, are masterfully woven into each track, making the EP a deeply personal exploration of love and relationships. Each song on the EP represents a unique facet of these complex emotions. From the blues-rock allure of “Kissing You” to the rebellious anticipation in “Anywhere But Home,” the EP covers a spectrum of emotions. “I Lose It” delves into the reluctant surrender to love, “Good Guy” celebrates the presence of good men, and “Too Much” presents a heartfelt rock ballad addressing the push and pull of arriving at love.

Dani’s musical journey has seen her achieve notable success, reaching number 21 on the Billboard dance charts with her single “U R Moving Me,” a duet with Radmila Lolly, and even gracing the stage at Carnegie Hall. “Kissing You” transcends the realm of mere music; it’s an immersive experience, a captivating journey, and a testament to the emotive power of musical expression. This EP is poised to resonate deeply with fans of rock and alternative genres, offering a poignant soundtrack for life’s adventures, dance floors, and road trips alike. Dani Hagan’s “Kissing You” is a masterful work of art that reaffirms her status as a formidable force in the music industry.

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