“Kristoffer” A Soulful Odyssey of Love, Loss, and Musical Brilliance by Kiirstin Marilyn

In the soulful depths of Kiirstin Marilyn’s latest EP, “Kristoffer,” listeners are invited on an emotionally charged odyssey that transcends the boundaries of music. Scheduled for release on November 10th, 2023, this masterful creation stands not only as a testament to Kiirstin’s musical prowess but also as a deeply personal tribute to her late brother, Kristoffer, who departed in May 2021.


“Kristoffer” unfolds as a poignant narrative, a collection of chapters that delve into the profound spectrum of human emotions. Each track, from the hauntingly beautiful “Beyond the Bad” to the emotionally charged “Real Life,” acts as a brushstroke on a canvas of love, loss, resilience, and personal growth. Kiirstin’s soul-baring lyrics, coupled with unforgettable melodies and a raw, emotive delivery, make this EP an exquisite blend of artistry and raw vulnerability. Produced by the talented Adam Tilzer, “Kristoffer” is more than a musical composition—it’s an evocative journey. The EP carries the weight of Kiirstin’s grief and channels it into an immersive and universal experience for the listener. The backstory, rooted in Kristoffer’s battle with mental health issues and addiction, adds layers of depth to the music, turning it into a platform for social commentary.Kiirstin Marilyn, a luminary rooted in New York City’s vibrant artistic scene, goes beyond the realms of music to create a work that resonates on a deeply human level. Her ability to transform personal pain into a beautiful and empathetic musical narrative is nothing short of remarkable.

As listeners embark on the musical voyage of “Kristoffer,” they are not just witnessing an EP release; they are becoming part of a shared human experience. Kiirstin’s unparalleled talent shines, making “Kristoffer” a must-listen for anyone seeking an authentic and transformative musical encounter—one that transcends notes and lyrics, leaving an indelible mark on the heart.

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