Eric Chapelle’s ‘Works For Solo Piano’ A Harmonious Magnum Opus

Eric Chapelle, a luminary in contemporary classical music, unveils his masterpiece, “Works For Solo Piano,” a twelve-track opus that transcends the boundaries of musical expression. The album  is a harmonious collaboration between Chapelle’s compositional brilliance and the virtuosity of Michelle Schumann, a distinguished Professor of Music at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.



Place in Landscape (Baga Beach): The album begins its journey with the serene notes of “Place in Landscape (Baga Beach),” a musical portrayal of tranquility inspired by the scenic beauty of Baga Beach.

In the Presence of Beauty: The second track, “In the Presence of Beauty,” unfolds like a musical tapestry, weaving intricate melodies that resonate with the listener’s senses.

First Light: “First Light” bathes the audience in a warm musical glow, capturing the essence of a new day dawning with its evocative piano notes.

(Fall) Leaving falling on a gray day: The melancholic beauty of autumn takes center stage in this track, where Chapelle skillfully encapsulates the bittersweet nature of falling leaves against a gray backdrop.

Transformation: As the title suggests, “Transformation” is a musical metamorphosis, a dynamic piece that showcases Chapelle’s ability to evoke emotions through his compositions.

Place in Landscape Moulin de Senlis: This lengthier piece, “Place in Landscape Moulin de Senlis,” unfolds like a musical odyssey, capturing the essence of a landscape with its varying movements and emotional nuances.

Full Circle: “Full Circle” marks a poignant juncture in the album, inviting listeners to reflect on the cyclical nature of life through Chapelle’s poignant composition.

Prelude in C# Minor (In Remembrance): An introspective piece, “Prelude in C# Minor,” serves as a heartfelt remembrance, showcasing Chapelle’s ability to infuse personal emotions into his musical creations.

Reflection No. 1: In “Reflection No. 1,” Chapelle invites listeners into a moment of introspection, where delicate piano notes mirror the reflective nature of the title.

Nocturne No. 1: The album’s nocturnal journey begins with “Nocturne No. 1,” a piece that captures the essence of the night through its melodic nuances.

Contemplation from a Distance: The penultimate track, “Contemplation from a Distance,” offers a contemplative space, inviting listeners to reflect from afar on the musical landscapes Chapelle paints.

Dusk to Dawn: Concluding the musical odyssey, “Dusk to Dawn” encapsulates the album’s thematic elements, seamlessly transitioning from the twilight of dusk to the dawn of a new musical day.


“Works For Solo Piano” is not merely an album; it’s a profound journey through emotions and landscapes, a testament to Chapelle’s artistic prowess and Schumann’s interpretative finesse. This contemporary classical masterpiece invites music enthusiasts to embark on a timeless exploration of sound, emotion, and artistic expression. Highly recommended, it is destined to leave an indelible mark in the realm of classical music.

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