“Into The Otherside” The Listros Break Into the Music Scene with Electrifying Debut

The Listros burst onto the music scene with their electrifying debut rock anthem, “Into The Otherside,” a hard-hitting track that showcases the duo’s impressive musical prowess. Comprising brothers Sean and Evan Listro, The Listros bring a fresh, modern rock sound, drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Nirvana.


“Into The Otherside” reflects their influences with a gritty, industrial edge reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, coupled with the melodic sensibilities and raw energy associated with bands like Muse and Nirvana. The Listros’ debut EP, co-written and co-produced with industry heavyweights Exclap and Ross Hayes Citrullo, promises a sonic journey that marries the best of rock and electronic music.

Having already left their mark on Toronto’s music scene by selling out the legendary El Mocambo venue, The Listros bring a fully produced 75-minute live show, captivating audiences with their seasoned performances. The brothers’ music transcends traditional rock boundaries, incorporating elements of electronic dynamics, creating a unique sound that resonates with contemporary audiences. With influences ranging from the grunge era to modern indie rock, The Listros manage to carve their own niche, delivering a debut single that packs a punch. “Into The Otherside” is a testament to the Listro brothers’ musical prowess, and as they gear up for the release of their debut EP, the anticipation for their genre-blending sound continues to grow.

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