Harmonies of Faith, Mikey Adebayo’s ‘The Glory of The Son’

Mikey Adebayo, a dedicated NHS doctor by day and a devout Christian/Gospel singer-songwriter by calling, embodies a unique duality. His musical journey began in the choir at the tender age of 11, coupled with guitar lessons in secondary school. Rooted in the church, Mikey has lent his talents to various worship teams, assuming roles as praise and worship leader, as well as lead or rhythm/acoustic guitarist and backing vocalist. Yet, in the quiet of his own space, he honed a skill for songwriting over a decade.


Throughout the 2010s, Mikey seamlessly balanced his service to the church and the pursuit of a medical career, all while crafting anthems in solitude. With the release of his powerful debut, “The Glory of The Son,” he transitions from live ministration to sharing his music with a wider audience. Mikey takes the reins in both vocals and guitar work, infusing his compositions with a deeply personal touch. His influences, spanning from Ed Sheeran to the spiritually resonant sounds of Travis Greene and Jon Foreman, shape a unique musical landscape.

Recorded at the esteemed 3 Chronicles Studio in Wembley under the guidance of Stuart Green, “The Glory of The Son” emerges as a testament to God’s unwavering faithfulness. Mikey reflects, “Everything that has happened was for the Glory of God, and this song attests to that.” His hope is that this heartfelt prayer resonates and touches the hearts of many, a sentiment beautifully echoed in his music.

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