“Izenell” by Rees Hagedorn A Sonic Odyssey through Ethereal Realms

Rees Hagedorn, a prolific artist known for his avant-garde and experimental compositions, unveils his latest single, “Izenell.” With a rich portfolio of over 500 ambient and mind-expanding instrumental pieces, Hagedorn has solidified his place as a creator of transformative sonic experiences. In a career spanning a decade, Hagedorn has released numerous albums under various aliases, earning acclaim for his compositions described as hopeful, soothing, haunting, and thought-provoking. His expertise extends beyond music, with live performances, Berklee College of Music education, and completion of Ableton Live Coursework. Additionally, he explores the realms of abstract digital visual art, showcasing his innovative and multidimensional artistic approach.


“Izenell,” Hagedorn’s latest single, is a testament to his unique musical vision. The track features ethereal sampled violin, weaving an original composition that manifests as a clouded fortress. The music pierces through with moments of rapid turmoil, juxtaposed by triumphant shouts that add depth and complexity to the sonic landscape.

With a distinctive style that transcends conventional boundaries, Rees Hagedorn invites listeners into a realm where ambient textures and experimental sounds converge. “Izenell” stands as a sonic journey, allowing the audience to explore the intricacies of Hagedorn’s creative mind. As an artist deeply immersed in both auditory and visual realms, Hagedorn continues to captivate and challenge artistic norms, establishing himself as a visionary force in the realm of ambient and experimental music.

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