“Ectothermic” by julip A Fiery Debut Igniting the Pop-Rock Landscape

In her electrifying debut single, “Ectothermic,” San Francisco-based artist julip boldly challenges the notion that “time heals all wounds.” Drawing inspiration from indie luminaries like Alvvays and Phoebe Bridgers, julip crafts a riveting pop-rock anthem that navigates the complexities of lingering emotional ties in the aftermath of a bitter love story.


A distinctive feature of julip’s musical approach is her infusion of scientific references, stemming from her background in STEM, particularly computer science. The term “ectothermic,” typically associated with the cold-blooded and temperature-fluctuating nature of reptiles and insects, takes center stage in describing a former lover marked by inconsistency and cruelty. With sly wit, julip conveys, “The fact you don’t want to talk / Is really getting me off / I want to keep you burning / But you’re so ectothermic.” The lyrics showcase earnest attempts to reignite the flame, highlighting the resistant and cold nature of the person, intensifying the arduous healing process.

Originally conceived as a downtempo shoegaze piece, “Ectothermic” underwent a transformative evolution, seamlessly blending raw emotional intensity with an irresistibly catchy, sing-along melody. This metamorphosis positions the track as a captivating addition to the contemporary pop-rock and dream-pop landscape, destined to resonate with discerning listeners. Meet julip, the enigmatic rockstar alter ego of San Francisco-based software engineer Jewel Posniak. Inspired by 90s rock artists, julip infuses a Taylor Swift-esque pop twist with a witty, tongue-in-cheek lyrical style. With her next single, “Lobotomy,” set for release in late November, julip promises to continue pushing boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

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