Guild Theory Unleashes Sonic Odyssey with ‘Indignant Swines’ A Prog-Pop Fusion Journey

Guild Theory, the dynamic British prog-rock duo, invites audiences into uncharted musical terrain with their latest single, “Indignant Swines.” Comprising the talents of Rob Lewis on multi-instrumentation and Matt Smith on vocals, the duo’s synergy, forged less than two years ago in the vast expanse of the internet, has already yielded a successful debut album, ‘Streaks of Light Burn the Sky,’ amassing over 150K streams.


“Indignant Swines” serves as a departure from their traditional alt/prog rock sound, offering a more accessible pop-rock tune. The track acts as a tantalizing glimpse into their upcoming album, a conceptual narrative unraveling the fictitious life of a dictator. Drawing inspiration from diverse influences such as Oceansize and Midlake, Guild Theory weaves a musical tapestry that promises a rich and varied listening experience. Guild Theory has made waves on esteemed platforms like Prog Radio and Future Radio, with their sights set on securing a coveted spot in Prog Radio’s illustrious “50 Best Prog Albums of 2023.” The duo’s unique collaborative process, bridging Rob’s eclectic taste with Matt’s reverence for The Cooper Temple Clause, yields a sound that is as distinctive as it is captivating.

As the duo diligently crafts their second album, Guild Theory beckons listeners to embark on a musical odyssey exploring themes of self-sacrifice and the perpetual cycle of life. Matt Smith expresses their collective excitement about the new single, confident that “Indignant Swines” will strike a chord with a broader audience due to its more accessible and pop-infused style. The band’s evolutionary trajectory promises an immersive journey through sonic landscapes and narrative depths.

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